THE ONLIES new album out October 2!  

The Onlies are excited to announce that we are releasing a new, self-titled album 2 weeks from today (10.2.2020)!We worked hard in the studio last summer with co-producer Caleb Klauder, bass legend Nokosee Fields, and engineer Jordan Cunningham to create this 16-track record, and we are so ready to share it. The album is our fourth full-length record, though it will be our first one as a quartet since joining with Vivian Leva in 2017. It digs deep into traditional American popular (“old time”) music. The music moves with a pulsating drive, sharp arrangements, and rich vibration -- it resounds with the present. I am so proud to share a single from the record, Diamond Joe, along with the wondrous, visually-stimulating music video that Riley Calcagno made to capture the true energy of the song! Preorder the album on bandcamp here, and get ready for another single soon!

Diamond Joe: