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California Bluegrass Association Camp

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Nevada County Fairgrounds , Grass Valley, CA

This class will be a deep dive into old-time fiddle music, with a special focus on rhythmic bowing and groove. I am excited to teach some of my favorite tunes from myriad regions in Appalachia, listening to recordings of fiddlers (like John Salyer, Marcus Martin, Clyde Davenport, Tommy Jarrell, or Queen Belle Randolph) and interpreting their stylistic intricacies as we learn. I will teach you my recommended bowings for the tunes as well as coping strategies for the inevitability of getting turned around (which can often result in something exciting)! We can also delve into ornamentation, double stops, and tone. As an old-time fiddler I think it is essential to be able to establish a strong rhythmic groove instead of relying on other instruments in a jam, like banjo or guitar, to establish it for you. We will work on specific techniques to help build that confidence in bowing and leading tunes. I am excited to engage in a conversation about this fiddle tradition as well as play tunes with all of you!